Comfort™ 92 Model 58MXB
H i g h l y --- E f f i c i e n t 4 --- W a y M u l t i p o i s e F i x e d --- C a p a c i t y
Deluxe Condensing Gas Furnace
Input Rates: 40,000 thru 138,000 Btuh
Product Data
The Comfortt92 is a must for your product line. This
high--efficiency furnace allows more applications with its reliable
4--way multipoise design. The Comfortt92 is available in 12
heat/airflow combinations and with the 4--way multipoise design
can be installed in upflow, downflow, or horizontal positions
covering up to 48 different applications. With the exception of the
140 size unit, all Comfortt92 models can be installed in a
manufactured (mobile) home when the optional kit is used, and in
installations with elevations up to 10,000 ft. (3048 M) (140 size
unit limitation 7,000 ft. (2134 M)). The furnace is factory
configured for upflow application. With the exception of the 140
size, all sizes can be installed with 2-- pipe or 1--pipe venting. The
140 size can be installed only as a 2--pipe system.
This versatile unit utilizes Power Heatthot surface ignition (HSI)
which ignites the burners directly. HSI eliminates gas waste that
typical continuous--pilot designs can bring. Hot surface ignition
provides reliable startup and operation.
Take a look at the control center on the Comfortt92. Control of
ignition, inducer, and blower operation is all handled in one central
printed circuit board. The status indicator on the control signals
when a fault has occurred and identifies where the problem is.
This, along with the component test feature, makes the Comfortt
92 one of the easiest gas furnaces to troubleshoot.
High efficiency is achieved by maximizing heat transfer. The result
is energy--saving efficiency, up to 95.5 percent Annual Fuel
Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), and reduced operational noise. The
Comfortt92 is one of the quietest furnaces in the industry.
A unique feature of this unit is the patented
polypropylene--laminated heat exchanger. This secondary heat
exchanger ensures that all available heat is properly transferred to
the airstream and throughout the home. Using the exclusive
flow--through design, the secondary heat exchanger reduces the
pressure drop in the furnace which leads to lower electrical usage,
an important part of this unit’s efficiency. Carrier heat exchangers
are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. (See Warranties section
for details.)
When we put it all together, the Comfortt92 combines quality
and design to bring high efficiency and comfort. You will enjoy the
versatility and ease of installation of this unit. The Comfortt92 is
equipped for either left or right--side connections. Blower speeds
are easily adjustable with speed--taps conveniently located on the
control center. A combustion inducer allows for more use of 2--in.
vent and combustion--air piping, keeping installation costs low.
As with other Carrier furnaces, this model is designed to work as a
part of the total home comfort system which includes elements for
cooling, air cleaning, humidification, ventilation, and zoning.
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