3.2 Oil Height
Deville 35 oil levels
You will find below the indicative oils volumes used during your fork service by an approved service center.
Luifiatio : Bi’Oil
Deville 35 150
Deville 35 160
Deville 35 170
Hydraulic side (right)
45 ml
Air Spring side (left)
10 ml
10 ml
It is eessay to use BO“ Bi’oil for lubrication and AMX1 for the closed
cartridge, at risk of notably affect the damping performance and
reduce wear and tear parts lifespan.
The air side lubrication oil has to be introduced in the fork leg and not in the
air rod.
My fork loses pressure when I remove the pump, what can I do?
Check the valve core tightness using a Schrader valve core tool.
My fork has negative travel, is this normal?
The BOS air spring is designed to lower the engagement threshold as much as possible. Therefore, it is possible
that on some bikes there is a small negative travel.
Where can I buy replacement stickers or a valve cap?
You can go to the BOS Suspension website on the online shop to find all the spare parts of your damper.
My new fork has bushing play, what should I do?
The unique bushing alignment and tolerance on BOS forks results in less friction, more sensitivity, and some
bushing play from the factory. If the bushing play feels abnormally excessive, please contact a BOS service
center for help.
My fork is lowering as I deflate it, what is happening?
When you deflate the fork by the Schrader valve, you are only emptying the positive air chamber. The negative
air chamber stays under pressure and exerts an opposing force on the air piston that pulls the fork down. To
avoid this phenomenon, be sure your fork is completely extended during the deflation, then slowly deflate
your fork thanks to your high pressure pump.
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