2.1 Air spring
The first adjustment that should be done on the fork is to set the air pressure. This adjusts
the stiffness of the air spring according to your weight. The stiffness of the air spring induces
a degree of fork travel when you sit on your bike. This value, commonly called sag, can vary
based on your usage. This value should be between 20% and 30% of the fork overall travel.
The sag measurement should be taken standing with both feet on the pedals and both hands
on the bars. The Deville has an o-ring on the fork upper tube in order to measure the SAG
position. You can experiment and vary your sag percentage to better suit your riding style
and overall feel.
To achieve the best performance from your BOS product, it is important to set your optimal
pressure. The chart below will give you some base values based on your weight. Your
specific pressure may vary based on your riding style and personal preference. However,
do not stray too far from the indicated pressures, or you may risk changing the performance
of your fork.
It’s eoeded to use our BOS high pressure pump with a digital manometer more
accurate and comfortable to use, available at your Bos suspension dealer.
Recreational use
Weight kg
Pessue psi
Add an additional 5 PSI per weight bracket for race use.
Maximum air pressure : 110 PSI
2.2 Hydraulic adjustments
The Deville 35 offers an hydraulic adjustment of the rebound, a traction control
adjustment, a compression adjustment, and a rapid compression platform.
The rebound adjustment is done by rotating the red knob located at the bottom of the
right fork leg (1).
Air valve cap
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