Fitting your Deville onto your bike requires care and attention. For your safety, please follow these
1.1 Steer tube
Before cutting the steer tube, first take some measurements taking into account the total height of the
headset, the legth of the fae’s head tube, the height of the stem, then add 5 to 10mm.
Calculate the length as below:
Length of the head tube of the frame + height of the complete headset + height of the stem + 5 to 10mm.
Never attempt to remove or replace the steer tube or stanchions independently from the crown.
Modifying the integrated crown, steer tube, or stanchions can cause an assembly failure. It is
mandatory to replace the complete assembly for important safety reasons.
1.2 Installing the front wheel
To assemble the front wheel, follow this procedure:
1. Release the pinch bolt on right side of the fork (1).
2. Unscrew the axle (2) and remove it.
3. Install the wheel.
4. Insert the axle and screw it completely until it stops, do not overtighten.
5. Screw the axle pinch bolt to lock the axle (Torque between 4 and 4,5 Nm).
To disassemble the wheel, follow these instructions in reverse.
1.3. Brake caliper installation
The Deville brake caliper bolt pattern uses PostMount 180 standard (PM180).
To assemble the disc brakes, follow this procedure:
1. Install the disc brake caliper, according to disc brake manufacturer's specifications.
2. Be sure to torque all fasteners and bolts to manufacturer's recommendations. Consult the
instructions that came with your disc brakes for proper installation procedures. It is recommended
to install new brake pads, to ensure proper alignment.
3. Route the disc brake hose or cable housing from the caliper to the inside of the lower leg and through
the supplied disc brake hose guide.
4. Test the brakes for proper operation on ground level before hitting the trails.
The disc brake caliper mounting bolts must have 10 mm of thread engagement with the fork.
The disc brake caliper mounting bolt tightening torque level must never exceed 10 nm.
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