BOS SUSPENSION thanks and congratulates you on your choice of damper for your MTB.
Your new BOS high performance damper is developed from our years of experience on two and four wheels in
official teams on all type of terrain thanks to our successful co-operation with winning. Our success and results
gained in few years show the full and the exclusive implication of BOS SUSPENSION in the research of performance.
The BOS damper you just bought is especially developed for your bike and your type of race. The choice of our
technical solutions, the quality of our materials, the precision and the attention brought to the assembly operations
allow your new BOS damper to be an absolute weapon to win.
You will find on this user guide all the information needed to get the best of your BOS damper in term of mounting,
setup or maintenance. This handbook talks about lots of subjects for which a private or professional pilot can be
confronted to setup his damper.
We wish you a good reading and hope this document ill guide you i you life of pilot…
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