I inflated my fork and it is really hard, what can I do?
Did you hage you fok’s settigs? Chek that you settigs ae lose to ou eoeded ase settigs
gie i the setup setio of you podut’s use aual.
If the issue is still present, you may have some internal pressure from the production process. You can
eliminate this pressure by slipping a thin zip-tie between your fork dust seals and your stanchion until you hear
the sound of air escaping. Then set again your fork air pressure.
If your fork is still hard, please contact our customer service on sales@bos-suspension.com .
I have about 5mm of travel unused when I ride normally.
Our forks are designed to be very progressive at the end of travel to give you a bottomless feeling. This means
that those last couple millimeters of travel might only be used on the biggest hits or when you case a landing.
You can think of them as insurance to get you out of the trickiest situations.
If more than about 5% of your travel remain unused, try lowering your air pressure by 5PSI and check your
compression settings. If your compression settings are much harder than our recommended values, try
igig the lose to the ase settigs i you podut’s use manual.
I have grease/oil coming out of my brand new fork seals.
This is not unusual at the beginning of the life of a fork. Clean off the stanchions and the seals and it will
disappear after a few rides.
My fork has been sitting for a couple of weeks and some oil came out of the seal when I rode it the first
BOS seals can let out a little bit of oil when they have been sitting and dried out. Wipe off any oil, and none
more will come out when the seal is lubricated again.
I have grease/oil coming out of my well-ridden fork seals.
It’s tie fo a seie! Cotat you eaest BO“ authoized seie ete fo a full seie.
But I hae’t reached your recoeded serice iteral yet
Ou eoeded seie iteals aot oe % of ustoe’s usage cases. Use in wet/muddy
conditions; a prolonged storage out in the sunlight; frequent use; or improper care can all cause a quicker
wear out of the seals.
Where can I find my serial number?
The seial ue is egaed ude the stee tue; it’s oposed of 7 digits.
How can I adjust my FCV?
The FCV is a very precise, internal system who is preset in our factory.
For any other questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at sales@bos-suspension.com
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