connect the transceiver to an AC
outlet. This may pose a fire hazard or result in an electric shock.
RWARNING! NEVER connect the transceiver to a pow-
er source of more than 16 V DC or use reverse polarity. This
will ruin the transceiver.
RWARNING! NEVER cut the DC power cable between
the DC plug at the back of the transceiver and fuse holder. If
an incorrect connection is made after cutting, the transceiver
may be damaged.
place the transceiver where normal
operation of the vessel may be hindered or where it could
cause bodily injury.
KEEP the transceiver and microphone at least 1 m away
from the vessel’s magnetic navigation compass.
DO NOT use or place the transceiver in areas with tem-
peratures below –20°C (–4°F) or above +60°C (+140°F) or, in
areas subject to direct sunlight, such as the dashboard.
DO NOT use harsh solvents such as benzine or alcohol to
clean the transceiver, as they will damage the transceiver’s
surfaces. If the transceiver becomes dusty or dirty, wipe it
clean with a soft, dry cloth.
DO NOT disassemble or modify the transceiver for any rea-
BE CAREFUL! The transceiver rear panel will become
hot when operating continuously for long periods of time.
Place the transceiver in a secure place to avoid inadvertent
use by children.
BE CAREFUL! The transceiver and the supplied or op-
tional HM-195 C O M M A N D M I C i v meet IPX7 requirements
for waterproof protection. However, once the transceiver has
been dropped, waterproof protection cannot be guaranteed
because of possible damage to the transceiver’s case or the
waterproof seal.
* Except for the DC power connector, NMEA In/Out leads and AF
Out leads.
For U.S.A. only
CAUTION: Changes or modifications to this device, not ex-
pressly approved by Icom Inc., could void your authority to
operate this device under FCC regulations.
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