Dimensions D
42 (1.65)
79 (3.11)
Unit: mm (inch)
190 (7.48)
216 (8.5)
165 mm (6.49)
124.5 (4.9)
108.3 (4.26)
•฀HM-195 C O M M A N D M I C i v
External microphone-type controller. 6 m (20 ft) microphone
cable included. Black and white colors are available.
•฀OPC-1541 M I C R O P H O N E E X T E N S I O N C A B L E
6 m (20 feet) microphone extension cable for the HM-195
C O M M A N D M I C i v ™. Up to two OPC-1541 can be connected.
Maximum usable length is 18 m (60 ft).
•฀MA-500TR C L A S S B A I S T R A N S P O N D E R
To transmit individual DSC calls to selected AIS targets.
Approved Icom optional equipment is designed for optimal perfor-
mance when used with an Icom transceiver.
Icom is not responsible for the destruction or damage to an Icom
transceiver in the event the Icom transceiver is used with equipment
that is not manufactured or approved by Icom.
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