When the optional MA-500TR CLASS B AIS TRANSPONDER is
connected to your transceiver, an individual DSC call can be
transmitted to a selected AIS target, without needing to enter
the target’s MMSI code. In this case, the call type is automati-
cally set to Routine.
See page 7 for connecting instructions.
To ensure correct operation of the DSC function, make
sure you correctly set the CH70 SQL LEVEL. See (¤5) of
the HM-195 instruction manual.
Step 1: Transponder’s operation
Select a desired AIS target on the plotter, target list or dan- q
ger list display.
฀ •฀฀You฀can฀also฀go฀to฀the฀next฀step฀whenever฀the฀detail฀screen฀of฀
the AIS target is displayed.
฀ •฀฀Make฀sure฀the฀transceiver฀is฀in฀the฀normal฀operating฀mode.฀Oth-
erwise, you cannot make an individual DSC call using the tran-
Push [DSC] to display the voice channel selection screen, w
and then push [Y] or [Z] to select a desired voice chan-
฀ •฀฀Voice฀channels฀are฀already฀preset฀into฀the฀transponder฀in฀recom-
mended order.
* When a coast station is selected in step q, a voice channel will
be specified by the coast station, therefore you cannot change
the channel. The transponder will display “Voice Channel is
specified by the Base station,” in this case.
Push [DSC] to transmit an individual DSC call to the AIS e
฀ •฀฀If฀Channel฀70฀is฀busy,฀the฀transceiver฀stands฀by฀until฀the฀channel฀
becomes clear.
฀ •฀฀If฀the฀transceiver฀cannot฀make฀the฀call,฀the฀transponder฀will฀dis-
play “DSC Transmission FAILED.”
Making an Individual call using an AIS transponder
Transponder’s display
Transponder’s display
Microphone’s display
Microphone’s display
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