MMSI code programming
The 9 digit MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity: DSC self
ID) code can be programmed at power ON.
The code is programmed by using the HM-195.
This initial code setting can be performed only once.
After being set, it can be changed by only your dealer
or distributor. If your MMSI code has already been pro-
grammed, this programming is not necessary.
Hold down [PWR](Dial) to turn ON the power. q
฀ •฀Three฀short฀beeps฀sound,฀and฀“NO฀DSC฀MMSI”฀is฀displayed.
Push [ENT] to start the MMSI code programming. w
฀ •฀฀Push฀[CLEAR]฀twice฀to฀cancel฀the฀programming,฀and฀go฀to฀the฀
normal operating screen. In this case, the transceiver cannot
make a DSC call. To program the MMSI code, turn OFF the
power, then turn it ON again.
Enter your MMSI code in the following manner: e
฀ •฀Select฀a฀desired฀number฀using฀Dial,฀or฀[]/[]/[]/[].
฀ •฀Push฀[ENT]฀or฀Dial฀to฀set฀it.
฀ •฀฀To฀move฀the฀cursor,฀select฀either฀arrow,฀“” or ,then push
[ENT] or Dial.
Repeat step r e to enter all 9 digits.
After entering the 9 digit code, “FINISH” is automatically t
selected, and then push [ENT] or Dial to set it.
The “MMSI CONFIRMATION” screen is displayed. y
Enter your MMSI code again for confirmation. u
฀ •฀Enter฀in฀the฀same฀manner฀as฀steps฀e through t.
When your MMSI code programming is successfully com- i
pleted, the screen as shown below is briefly displayed.
฀ •฀After฀that,฀the฀normal฀operating฀screen฀is฀displayed.
The programmed MMSI code can be checked in the MENU
NOTE: Depending on the transceiver version, the ATIS
code programming may be required after programming the
MMSI code. See the next page for details.
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