Part No 1160803 1Floor Base and Fixed Trapeze
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Floor Base and Fixed Trapeze
Model Nos. 7714P and 7740P
Safety Summary
DO NOT use this product or any available optional equipment without first completely
reading and understanding these instructions and any additional instructional material
such as owner’s manuals, service manuals or instruction sheets supplied with this
product or optional equipment. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions
or instructions, contact a healthcare professional, dealer or technical personnel before
attempting to use this equipment - otherwise, injury or damage may occur.
The Fixed Trapeze MUST ONLY be installed onto beds with metal framed headboards.
The Fixed Trapeze used in conjunction with a bed, can assist an individual weighing up
to 250 lbs. (114 kg.). The Fixed Trapeze is designed to provide support, increase
stability and assist the user when repositioning himself/herself in bed.
Use the trapeze as an assistive device only. The trapeze is not designed to support the
total body weight of an individual or to be used as an assist device when transferring into
or out of a bed.
After ANY adjustments, repair or service and BEFORE use, make sure that all
attaching component parts are secure.
DO NOT install or adjust the trapeze while the bed is occupied.
DO NOT attach a swivel trapeze to the floor base. This may cause the floor base to tip
over, causing injury to the patient and/or assistants.
The Floor Base MUST be positioned under the bed at the headboard position.
Ensure that the snap buttons fully protrude through the adjustment hole of the floor
leg assembly. This ensures that the Floor Base is properly installed and securely
locked in position.
Invacare products are specifically designed and manufactured for use in conjunction
with Invacare accessories. Accessories designed by other manufacturers have not
been tested by Invacare and are not recommended for use with Invacare products.
Assembly, Installation and Operating Instructions
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