Ref. 1-2 Confidential
ADF / FB part
Fig. Ref. 1-2
Document scanner unit
Gear cover
Address label
ADF cover
Panel dress cover
Separate roller shaft ASSY
Separate roller bushing
Separation rubber
ADF plate spring
Upper document chute ASSY
Document stopper
Rubber key R
Panel unit
Diffusion film
Back light guide
Document cover sub ASSY
Cord hook
Pressure roller ASSY
Pressure roller spring
Drive frame ASSY
ADF harness unit
ADF motor
harness holder
Lower document chute ASSY
Ejection roller ASSY
LF roller bushing
LF roller ASSY
Actuator R
Actuator L
Hinge ASSY L
Hinge R
Hinge arm
Rubber key L
ADF sensor
Document dress cover
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