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3.2.1 Plate-up Function of the Paper Tray
The plate of the paper tray is pushed up by the force exerted by the motor not by springs so
as to keep paper-feeding performance constant irrespective of the quantity of paper
remaining in the tray. This paragraph provides an overview of this function.
At the time of inserting the paper tray into the main body of the machine, the plate is kept
lowered. When the main motor is operated under such condition, a driving force is
transmitted to the lift gear 46 by way of several gears. The force is also transmitted to the
plate-up plate to push up the plate.
Fig. Ref. 2-6
When the plate is pushed up, the roller holder goes up. Then the lift arm goes down and the hook B
is released. The PP gear clutch cam released off the hook B rotates to push down the rib of the hook
A. Subsequently, the ratchet of the hook A for the clutch gear deviates from the gear and the plate-
up plate stops its push-up function.
Fig. Ref. 2-7
Lift gear 46Plate-up plate
Hook A
Hook B
Roller holder
Clutch gear
PP gear clutch cam
Lift arm
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