Ref. 1-22 Confidential
Model MFC 7320 MFC 7340 MFC 7440N MFC 7840W
Handset N/A
Chain Dialing Yes
Automatic Redial Yes
PBX Feature Ye s N / A Ye s
(Europe only)
Speaker Phone N/A
Hold/Mute Key N/A
Music on Hold N/A
Volume Handset Volume N/A
Speaker Volume Yes (3 steps + OFF)
Beeper Volume Yes (3 steps + OFF)
Ring Volume Yes (3 steps + OFF)
Auto Dials
One-Touch Dial 8 (4 × 2) locations
Speed Dial 200 locations
Figures of One-Touch
& Speed Dial 20 digits
Resisterable Number
Of Characters 15 characters
Group Dial Yes (up to 8 groups)
Telephone Index
(Search) Yes (with key)
TEL Service Caller ID Yes
Call Waiting Caller ID N/A
Call waiting Ready
( Only for U.S.A. ) N/A
Distinctive Ringing Yes
Ye s
Ye s
Oceania only)
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