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2.6.3 Type and size of paper
The printer loads paper from the installed paper tray or the manual feed slot. The names for
the paper trays in the printer driver are as follows:
<Media type>
Memo :
Use paper that is made for plain-paper copying.
Use papers that is 75 to 90g/m2 (20 to 24lb).
Use neutral paper. Do not use acidic or alkaline paper.
Use long-grain paper.
Use paper with a moisture content of approximately 5%.
This printer can use recycled paper that meets DIN 19309 specifications.
DO NOT use ink jet paper because it may cause a paper jam or damage your machine.
Paper tray Tray 1
Manual feed slot Manual
Auto Document Feeder ADF
Tray 1 Manual ADF Choose the media type
from the printer driver
Plain paper
75 to 105g/m2
(20 to 28lb)
Ye s Ye s
(64 to 90g/m
(17 to 24lb)
Plain paper
Recycled paper Ye s Recycled paper
Bond paper
Rough paper-
60 to 163g/m2
(16 to 43lb)
N/A Yes N/A Bond paper
Thin paper
60 to 75g/m2
(16 to 20lb)
Ye s N / A Thin paper
Thick paper
105 to 163g/m2
(28 to 43lb)
N/A Yes N/A Thick Paper or
Thicker Paper
Transparency Ye s
A4 or Letter
N/A Transparencies
Labels N/A Yes
A4 or Letter
N/A Thicker Paper
Envelopes N/A Yes N/A Envelopes
Env. Thin
Env. Thick
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