Performance Verification
2-46 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
19. Calculate the SD jitter gain error percentage using the formula:
SD Jitter Gain Error ÆMeasured Jitter UI 2UI
20. CHECK that the calculated error is 10% (typical).
21. Disconnect the test setup.
This test checks the eye pattern signal bandwidth. This procedure is only
applicable for a WFM7M Input Module.
Performance Requirement. This test verifies performance characteristics and is
listed in the test record.
1. Press the CONFIG button.
2. Touch the Calibration soft key and then Next Menu.
3. Touch the Eye Sig BW Test soft key and then the Start Eye Sig BW Test
soft key. This puts the WFM700 in Eye Bandwidth mode and starts the test.
4. Touch the Input# softkey, select Input A, then touch Done.
5. Install the wide band 50 8-to-75 8matching pad and a 75 8N-to-BNC
adapter on the RF generator output.
6. Connect the RF generator output to INPUT A using the 75 818 inch low
loss cable.
NOTE. The WFM700 inputs are terminated into 75 8. Impedance matching is
necessary for this test.
CAUTION. Avoid excess stress on the BNC connections. If adapters and/or
terminations are installed on the inputs of the WFM700, provide support to the
cable assembly.
Bandwidth (WFM7M only)
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