Performance Verification
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 2-31
5. Move the signal from the test oscilloscope to INPUT B.
6. Press the INPUT button and select Input B.
7. Press the EYE button and touch the 3Eyesoft key (3Eyeselected).
8. Press the CURSOR button and touch the Voltage soft key (Voltage
9. Measure the signal amplitude displayed on the WFM700 using the voltage
cursors. Position the cursors where the waveform is unaffected by overshoot
or ringing. See Figure 2--11.
10. Calculate scale error using the formula:
Scale Error 100 ÆDisplayed Amplitude --- Reference Amplitude
Reference Amplitude É
11. CHECK that the calculated scale error is between 5%.
12. Disconnect the test setup.
Measure signal,
disregard peaks and dips
Figure 2- 11: Eye vertical scale performance screen
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