Performance Verification
2-30 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
This test checks the Eye vertical deflection factor. This procedure is only
applicable for a WFM7M Input Module.
Performance Requirement. This test verifies performance characteristics and is
listed in the test record.
1. Connect the SD video generator to the 75 8input of the test oscilloscope
using a 75 8cable. Use a 75 8-to-50 8adapter on the input of the test
oscilloscope if necessary.
2. Set the SD video generator for a 525-format 100% color bars signal.
3. Set the test oscilloscope to view the signal. The following oscilloscope
settings normally provide a usable display.
Vertical Scale 200 mV
Horizontal Scale 2 ns/div
Horizontal Trigger Position 10%
Trigger Level 100 mV
4. Measure the amplitude of the signal on the test oscilloscope. Note this
measurement as the Reference Amplitude. See Figure 2--10 for measurement
Measure signal,
disregard peaks and dips
Figure 2- 10: Eye vertical scale reference level screen
Eye Vertical Scale
(WFM7M only)
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