Performance Verification
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 2-25
This test checks the typical performance of the PIX G/Y, PIX B/Pb, and PIX
R/Pr outputs.
Typical Operation Check. This test checks for typical output levels. Typical values
are not guaranteed characteristics and are not listed in the test record.
1. Connect the output from the HD video generator to INPUT A using a 75 8
2. Set the HD video generator for a 1080i 59.94 20--30 MHz Multiburst signal.
3. Set the HD video generator Pb and Pr amplitudes to 0 (off).
4. Connect the PIX G/Y output to the 75 8input of the test oscilloscope. Use
a758-to-50 8adapter on the input of the test oscilloscope if necessary.
5. Press the CONFIG button.
6. Touch the Video Inputs/Outputs soft key, then Next Menu.
7. Touch the Output Active for HD soft key.
8. Touch the RGB soft key.
9. Press the CONFIG button twice to exit the menu.
10. Press the INPUT button and select Input A.
11. Set the test oscilloscope to view the signal packets. The following oscillo-
scope settings normally provide a usable display.
Vertical Scale 100 mV
Horizontal Scale 5 us/div
Horizontal Trigger Position 10%
Trigger Level 100 mV
NOTE. When making the following measurements, disregard the spiking on the
packet waveforms.
12. Measure the signal amplitude of the reference level before the first packet.
Note the Reference measurement. See Figure 2--8.
13. Measure the amplitude of the smallest packet. Note the Smallest Packet
measurement. See Figure 2--8.
GBR Frequency Response
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