Performance Verification
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 2-21
22. Move the cable from the PIX B/Pb to the PIX R/Pr connector.
23. Repeat steps 17 through 21.
Pk - Pk
Ground reference Black
Figure 2- 6: HD pix B/Pb and R/Pr video output level performance screen
Stop here for WFM7HD. The PIX Video Output Level procedure is now finished
for the WFM7HD Input Module. Continue with this check if testing a WFM7A
or WFM7M Input Module.
24. Connect the SD video generator to INPUT B using a 75 8cable.
25. Press the INPUT button and select Input B.
26. Set the SD video generator for a 525-format 100% color bars signal.
27. Connect the PIX G/Y output to the 75 8input of the test oscilloscope using
a758cable. Use a 75 8-to-50 8adapter on the input of the test oscillo-
scope if necessary.
28. Press the CONFIG button.
29. Touch the Video Inputs/Outputs soft key, then Next Menu.
30. Touch the Output Active for SD soft key, then YPbPr.
31. Press the CONFIG button twice to exit the menu.
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