Performance Verification
2-20 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Black level
First color bar
Ground reference
Figure 2- 5: HD pix G/Y video output level performance screen
15. Move the cable from the PIX G/Y to the PIX B/Pb connector.
16. Set the test oscilloscope to view the signal. The following oscilloscope
settings normally provide a usable display.
Vertical Scale 100 mV/div
Horizontal Scale 10 us/div
Horizontal Trigger Position 10%
Trigger Slope Rising edge
Trigger Level 300 mV
17. Measure the peak-to-peak amplitude of the waveform displayed on the
oscilloscope. See Figure 2--6.
18. Calculate the percent amplitude error using the formula:
Amplitude Error ÆMeasured Amplitude mV 700 mVÉ
19. CHECK that the calculated error is between 5%.
20. Measure the black level (the widest horizontal step) referenced to ground on
the test oscilloscope. Change test oscilloscope settings as needed to obtain
the best display. See Figure 2--6.
21. CHECK that the black level is between 25 mV.
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