Performance Verification
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 2-11
7. CHECK that the steps in the displayed ramps are monotonic (all steps are in
the same direction) and approximately one pixel high. See Figure 2--1.
NOTE. If the steps are 4 pixels high, it may be that the input signal has only 8
bits of resolution.
8. Press the GAIN button.
9. Touch Gain: 10x.
10. CHECK that the steps in the ramps are 0.7 mV to 0.9 mV. (Use the voltage
cursors for this measurement.) See Figure 2--2.
11. Press the WFM button.
12. Touch Pb to turn on the Pb component.
13. Touch Yto turn off the Y component.
14. Press the GAIN button.
15. Touch Gain: 1x.
16. CHECK for step direction and height by repeating steps 7 through 10 above.
17. Press the WFM button.
18. Touch Yand Pr to turn these components back on. All components should
be on (Y, Pb, and Pr).
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