Performance Verification
2-10 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
This test checks the digital data paths.
Performance Requirement. This test verifies performance characteristics and is
listed in the test record.
The following characteristics are directly checked:
HVertical Measurement Accuracy, YPbPr
HVector Vertical Gain Accuracy
The following characteristics are indirectly checked:
HFrequency Response
HSweep Accuracy and Linearity
HVector Horizontal Gain Accuracy
HVector Display to Graticule Registration
HLightning and Diamond Vertical Gain Accuracy
HArrowhead Signal to Graticule Registration
HArrowhead Composite Limit Cursor Accuracy and Detection Level
1. Ensure that the Self Tests on page 2--4 have been performed and passed.
2. Connect the HD video generator to INPUT A using a 75 8cable.
3. Press the INPUT button and select Input A.
4. Set the HD video generator for a 1080i 59.94 10-bit Shallow Ramp Matrix
5. Press the WFM button.
6. Touch Pr and Pb to turn off the color difference signals.
NOTE. The Y component must be on to allow both the Pr and Pb components to
be turned off.
Signal Data Paths
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