Performance Verification
2-8 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
This procedure checks VGA PIX MON and EXT VGA outputs.
1. Connect a VGA monitor to the VGA PIX MON output.
2. Press the INPUT button and touch the Input A soft key.
3. Press the CONFIG button.
4. Touch the Video Inputs/Outputs soft key, then Next Menu.
5. Touch the Output Active for HD soft key.
6. Touch the RGB soft key.
7. CHECK that color bars are correctly displayed on the VGA monitor.
NOTE. Some VGA monitors do not synchronize correctly to color bars with
tri-level sync. If the picture is not locked, select a flat field signal from the
generator, then switch back to color bars.
8. Move the VGA monitor cable from the VGA PIX MON output to the EXT
VGA output.
9. CHECK that the external VGA display matches the display on the LCD.
10. Disconnect the test setup.
VGA Outputs
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