Performance Verification
2-6 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Functional Tests
These functional tests provide tests to check basic functionality of the inputs and
general operation prior to starting the Performance Tests. A more exhaustive
check of all functions and buttons is provided in the Technical Reference.
The Preliminary Setup performs the following tasks:
HSets the waveform monitor to a known state
HProvides instructions for test equipment setup used throughout the
Functional Tests
HProvides a preliminary check of the video input path and display
1. Press the PRESET button.
2. Touch the -- m o r e -- soft key, then touch the Restore Factory soft key.
Restoring factory settings overrides the current instrument state but does not
alter calibration or presets.
3. Connect a serial digital output from the HD video generator to INPUT A
using a 75 8cable.
4. Set the HD video generator for a 1080i 59.94 100% color bars signal.
5. Connect a serial digital output from the SD video generator to INPUT B
using a 75 8cable.
6. Set the SD video generator for a 525-format 100% color bars signal.
7. Press the INPUT button and touch the Input A soft key.
8. CHECK that an HD color bar signal is displayed.
9. Press the DISPLAY button. Adjust the Trace Settings,Graticule Settings,
and Readouts & Backlight settings for best viewing.
This procedure checks the input detection and audio disembedding data paths for
high definition video.
1. Press the WFM button.
2. Press the INPUT button and touch the Input A soft key.
3. Disable or disconnect the HD video generator signal to INPUT A.
4. CHECK that the red IInput UnlockedImessage is displayed.
Preliminary Setup and
HD Input and Embedded
Audio Detection
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