Performance Verification
2-4 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Performance Verification Conditions
NOTE. Menu selections in the WFM700 Waveform Monitor differ between
firmware versions. The Performance Verification procedures assume you have
the latest firmware version installed in your instrument.
The following conditions must be met prior to doing these procedures:
1. The WFM700 Waveform Monitor must have been operating continuously
for twenty (20) minutes in an environment that meets the operating range
specifications for temperature and humidity.
2. Connect the WFM700 Waveform Monitor and the test equipment to the
same AC power circuit or to a common power strip if you are unsure of the
AC power circuit distribution.
Self Tests
This procedure uses internal routines to verify that the waveform monitor
functions and passes its internal self tests. No test equipment or hookups are
1. Press the PRESET button.
2. Touch the -- m o r e -- soft key, then touch the Restore Factory soft key.
NOTE. Restoring factory settings overrides the current instrument state but does
not alter calibration or presets.
3. Press the CONFIG front panel button.
4. Touch System and then Diagnostics.
5. Touch Diagnostics, then View Diagnostic Log.
6. Touch **Erase** NVRAM Log to clear the log file.
7. Touch Back to Diags Menu.
8. Touch Run Full Powerup Diagnostics.
9. Touch Back to Diags Menu.
10. Touch View Diagnostics Log.
11. CHECK the diagnostics log pages to verify that there are no red FAIL
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