WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 2-1
Performance Verification
This section contains three procedures to verify the operation of all models of the
WFM700 waveform monitor. This includes the Video modules (WFM7HD,
WFM7A, and WFM7M) and the Audio module (WFM7DG). Please disregard
checks that do not apply to the module type you are testing.
HSelf Tests use the internal diagnostic routines to verify proper power-up,
modules recognized and operating, and signal paths. No external equipment
is required for these tests.
HFunctional Tests verify that the waveform monitor and its installed modules
are operating correctly.
HPerformance Tests verify that the waveform monitor and all its installed
modules meet the performance requirements listed in the Specifications
section of the WFM700 Series Technical Reference document. This section
also includes checks for operating parameters that are specified as typical but
are not guaranteed. Firmware version 1.3 or above is required to perform all
performance tests.
HTest Records are provided at the end of this chapter to record the results of
each performance test that checks a warranted characteristic.
Before doing the performance verification procedures, note the following
HPersonnel — Users should be familiar with the operation of all test
equipment and the WFM700.
HTwo Video Modules — The verification procedures must be performed on
both video modules if two are installed in the WFM700. Complete the entire
performance procedures on one video module at a time.
HAudio Module — The verification procedure for the Option DG Audio
module must be performed if the module is installed in the WFM700.
HWarm-up Period — Turn on the WFM700 and allow a 20-minute warm-up
period in an environment that meets the operating range specifications for
temperature and humidity. Verification of warranted characteristics done
before the operating temperature has stabilized might cause errors.
Also turn on other required test equipment and allow them to warm up for
their recommended time periods.
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