Replaceable Parts
5-2 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Module Servicing
Modules can be serviced through one of the following three options. Contact
your local Tektronix service center or representative for repair assistance.
In some cases you may exchange your module for a remanufactured module.
These modules cost significantly less than new modules and meet the same
factory specifications. For more information about the module exchange
program, call 1--800--833--9200 and press 2 for Factory Service.
You may ship your module to us for repair, after which we will return it to you.
You may purchase replacement modules in the same way as other replacement
Using the Replaceable Parts List
This section contains a list of the mechanical and/or electrical components that
are replaceable for this product. Use this list to identify and order replacement
parts. The following table describes each column in the parts list.
Parts List Column Descriptions
Column Column name Description
1Figure & Index Number Items in this section are referenced by figure and index numbers to the exploded view
illustrations that follow.
2Tektronix Part Number Use this part number when ordering replacement parts from Tektronix.
3 and 4 Serial Number Column three indicates the serial number at which the part was first effective. Column four
indicates the serial number at which the part was discontinued. No entries indicates the part is
good for all serial numbers.
5Qty This indicates the quantity of parts used.
6Name & Description An item name is separated from the description by a colon (: ). Because of space limitations, an
item name may sometimes appear as incomplete. Use the U.S. Federal Catalog handbook
H6-1 for further item name identification.
7Mfr. Code This indicates the code of the actual manufacturer of the part.
8Mfr. Part Number This indicates the actual manufacturer’s or vendor’s part number.
Abbreviations conform to American National Standard ANSI Y1.1-1972.
Module Exchange
Module Repair and Return
New Modules
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