WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 5-1
Replaceable Parts
This section contains a list of the replaceable electrical modules and mechanical
parts for the WFM700 Waveform Monitor. Use this list to identify and order
replacement parts.
Parts Ordering Information
Replacement parts are available through your local Tektronix field office or
Changes to Tektronix products are sometimes made to accommodate improved
components as they become available and to give you the benefit of the latest
improvements. Therefore, when ordering parts, it is important to include the
following information in your order:
HPart number
HInstrument type or model number
HInstrument serial number
HInstrument modification number, if applicable
If you order a part that has been replaced with a different or improved part, your
local Tektronix field office or representative will contact you concerning any
change in part number.
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