WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4-41
Repackaging Instructions
This section contains the information needed to repackage the portable main-
frame for shipment or storage.
When repacking the instrument for shipment, use the original packaging. If the
packaging is unavailable or unfit for use, contact your local Tektronix representa-
tive to obtain new packaging. Refer to Contacting Tektronix on page xiv for the
address, the email address, and phone number.
Seal the shipping carton with an industrial stapler or strapping tape.
Contact the Service Center to get an RMA (return material authorization)
number, and any return or shipping information you may need.
If the instrument is being shipped to a Tektronix Service Center, enclose the
following information:
HThe RMA number.
HThe owner’s address.
HName and phone number of a contact person.
HType and serial number of the instrument.
HReason for returning.
HA complete description of the service required.
Mark the address of the Tektronix Service Center and the return address on the
shipping carton in two prominent locations.
Shipping to the Service
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