WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4-27
This troubleshooting section contains information and procedures designed to
help you isolate faulty modules in the instrument. If a module needs to be
replaced, follow the Removal and Installation Procedures located in this chapter.
This troubleshooting section is divided into four subsections. The order in which
they are presented is generally a good practice to follow.
1. Check for Problems. This is usually the best place to start when trying to
diagnose any type of failure. The information may solve the problem or
point you to other subsections.
2. Diagnostics. Describes where to find the built-in diagnostic tools and how to
use them.
3. LED Fault Codes. Describes the fault indicated by the status of the
front-panel LEDs.
4. Troubleshooting Trees. The troubleshooting trees help diagnose problems
that need to be looked at in more detail. These trees are usually referred to by
the previous troubleshooting sections.
Check for Problems
Use Table 4--4 to quickly isolate possible failures and how to proceed for further
Table 4- 4: Failure symptoms and possible causes
Symptom Possible cause(s)
Mainframe will not power on HPower cord not plugged in.
HFaulty power supply.
HFaulty modules.
HFront panel power switch not on.
Use the Power Troubleshooting Tree on page 4--34.
If any of these conditions exist:
FAULT LED flashes
ON/STBY LED flashes
Front panel LEDs do not light
Refer to the LED fault codes in Table 4--5 on page 4--32.
LCD panel display blank Use the Blank Screen Troubleshooting Tree on page
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