Removal and Installation Procedures
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4--23
Fan Assembly
The following removal procedures must be performed prior to removing the fan
HChassis Cover
HPower Supply
HAll installed modules
HFront Panel Assembly
Read the entire removal procedure before proceeding. You do not need to remove
the fans to remove the fan assembly.
1. Remove the two T-15 screws securing the fan chassis to the rest of the
instrument chassis.
2. Unplug the two fan connectors from the Main board.
3. Tilt the fan assembly out from under the chassis tabs and lift the assembly
To reinstall the fan assembly, read the entire reinstallation steps before proceed-
NOTE. Ensure that all EMI strips are in place and undamaged before installing
the fan assembly.
1. Before installing the assembly, note the notches located on the bottom of the
assembly at each end. Then note the two matching tabs located in the
instrument chassis. See Figure 4--11.
2. Tilt and lower the fan assembly into the instrument chassis, lining up the
notches in the fan assembly to the tabs in the chassis.
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