Removal and Installation Procedures
4--20 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
c. Disconnect the two keyboard ribbon cables from the Front Panel
Processor board.
d. Remove the three screws (T-10) that secure the metal chassis to the front
panel bezel. See Figure 4--9.
Screw (T-10)
Figure 4--9: Front panel assembly
NOTE. Continue with the following steps to remove the circuit boards for
the front panel controls and gain access to the push buttons and button
elastomers. See Figure 4--10 on page 4--21 while removing and reinstal-
ling these parts.
e. Lift the metal chassis (with circuit boards and LCD) out of the front
panel bezel. This assembly is a replaceable unit. No further disassembly
of this unit is recommended.
f. To remove the circuit board and keypad for the right-hand side controls
(SELECT button side), remove the one screw securing the circuit board
and lift the board out. See Figure 4--10.
g. To remove the circuit board and keypad for the left-hand side controls
(ON/STBY button side), first lift the edge near the LCD opening up and
then remove the circuit board. See Figure 4--10.
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