Removal and Installation Procedures
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4--19
Front End Assembly
The Front End assembly contains several replaceable subparts. The Front End
assembly must be removed from the instrument to gain access to these subparts.
The Front End Assembly contains the following replaceable subparts:
HLCD assembly (containing LCD, subchassis, Front Panel Processor
circuit board, Backlight circuit board, and touch panel)
HKeyboards (two)
HTouch pads (two)
HFront Bezel
The following removal procedures must be performed before removing the front
panel assembly.
HChassis Cover
Read the entire removal procedure before proceeding.
1. Remove the four screws (T-10) securing the front panel assembly to the
chassis, two on the bottom and one on each side.
2. Slide the assembly away from the chassis to gain access to the cables
connecting the main circuit board.
3. Disconnect the two cables attached to the main circuit board at the following
NOTE. Stop here unless you need to continue disassembling the Front Panel
4. To further disassemble the Front End Assembly into its replaceable pieces,
use the following substeps.
a. Remove the three control knobs from the front panel. This is easier
accomplished by sliding a non-metallic spudger (or other non-metallic
flat-bladed tool) under the knob and prying it off its shaft.
b. Lay the Front End Assembly face down on a flat surface.
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