Removal and Installation Procedures
4--18 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Power Supply
The following removal procedures must be performed before removing the
power supply module:
HChassis Cover
HPlug-in Modules (slots 5 and 6)
CAUTION. To prevent damage to the instrument, do not exchange cables between
the two versions of the power supply module: Artesyn and EOS. The Artesyn
power supply module has fuses in one of the cables and the other cables are a
different length than those in the EOS power supply module. The cable fuses are
required in the Artesyn power supply module to ensure safe operation of the
Although the two versions of the power supply module are directly interchange-
able at the module level (which includes the cables), the boards, chassis, and
other components are not interchangeable.
Read the entire removal procedure before proceeding.
1. Remove the plug-in modules located in slots 5 and 6. This allows easier
access to the power supply cables.
2. Disconnect the three power supply cables attached to the main circuit board
at the following locations:
3. Remove the four screws (T-10) from the side of the chassis.
Reinstall the power supply module in the reverse order of the removal procedure.
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