WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual xi
This is the service manual for the WFM700HD, WFM700A, and WFM700M
multi-format, multi-standard waveform monitors.
Read this preface to learn how this manual is structured, what conventions it
uses, and where you can find other information related to servicing this product.
Manual Content
This manual contains only information related to servicing the WFM700
instrument. For information related to installing and operating the instrument or
for a list of instrument specifications, refer to the appropriate user document as
described in Related User Documents on the following page.
Be sure to read the introductions to all procedures. These introductions provide
important information needed to do the service correctly, safely, and efficiently.
Manual Conventions
This manual uses certain conventions that you should become familiar with
before attempting service.
The term module refers to a collection of items that are replaceable as a unit. A
module may contain electrical and mechanical assemblies, circuit boards, and
interconnecting cables.
The term Plug-in Module refers to the units that plug into the Main board.
This manual refers to any field-replaceable assembly or mechanical part by its
name or generically as a replaceable part. In general, a replaceable part is any
circuit board or assembly that is listed in the Replaceable Parts section.
Symbols and terms related to safety appear in the General Safety Summary found
at the beginning of this manual.
Be sure to read both the General Safety Summary and Service Safety Summary
before performing any service to this instrument.
Plug-in Module
Replaceable Parts
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