Removal and Installation Procedures
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4--11
Plug-In Modules
Use this procedure to remove one or all plug-in modules in the instrument.
The following removal procedures must be performed before starting:
HCabinet Removal
HChassis Cover Removal
Read the entire removal procedure before proceeding.
1. Loosen the bottom screw on the rear panel of each plug-in module you are
going to remove. See Figure 4--3.
NOTE. If removing the CPU plug-in module, the bottom screw needs to be
removed instead of just loosened.
CPU and Real Time Display Modules: With the introduction of the “B” version
of the Real Time Display module, you must replace the CPU or Real Time
Display modules with the same version, “A” or “B,” that was installed in the
instrument, or else you must replace both modules. Only the following combina-
tions of CPU and Real Time Display boards will function in the instrument:
Version A: CPU 671-4528-xx & Real Time Display 671-4529-xx
Version B: CPU 671-5751-xx & Real Time Display 671-5661-xx
Module retaining screws
Figure 4--3: Plug-in module retaining screws
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