Removal and Installation Procedures
4--8 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
The WFM700 series uses various cabinets (sleeves) that slide over the WFM700
chassis for portable and rackmount applications. Each type of cabinet is removed
and installed in the same manner.
Read the entire removal procedure before proceeding.
1. Position the instrument with the front panel down on a work surface,
protecting the front panel with a pad or cover to prevent damage.
2. At the rear of the cabinet, remove the two attaching screws through the left
and right tabs and into the instrument chassis. See Figure 4--1.
3. Slide the cabinet up and off the instrument chassis.
attaching screws
Keying pins
Keying pin
Figure 4--1: Cabinet attaching screws
Reinstall the cabinet in the reverse order of the removal procedure, being careful
not to pinch any cables between the chassis and cabinet.
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