WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4--7
Removal and Installation Procedures
This section contains procedures for removal and installation of all replaceable
mechanical and electrical modules.
Cleaning instructions are found under Inspection and Cleaning at the beginning
of this chapter.
Before using any of these procedures:
HRead the warning statements.
HReview the list of tools required for the disassembly procedure.
HBecome familiar with the instrument and its assemblies by reviewing the
exploded views in the Replaceable Mechanical Parts chapter.
WARNING. Before doing this or any other procedure in this manual, read the
Safety Summary found at the beginning of this manual. Also, to prevent possible
injury to service personnel or damage to this instrument’s components, read
Preventing ESD on page 4--2.
WARNING. Disconnect the power source from the WFM700 before beginning this
or any procedure requiring you to remove the cover from the instrument chassis.
Fan blades and other components inside the instrument could cause serious
injury if power is on while the instrument chassis is open.
Equipment Required. Most modules in this instrument can be removed with a
screwdriver handle mounted with a size T-15, TorxRscrewdriver tip. Use this
tool whenever a procedure step instructs you to remove or install a screw unless a
different size screwdriver is specified in that step.
Table 4--3: Tools required for module removal
Item No. Name Description Part number
1Screwdriver handle Accepts TorxR-driver bits General Tool: 620-440
2T-10 Torx tip TorxR-driver bit for T-10 size screw heads. General Tool: 640-235
3T-15 Torx tip TorxR-driver bit for T-15 size screw heads. General Tool: 640-247
4#0 Phillips screwdriver Screwdriver for removing small Phillips screws. Standard tool
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