General Maintenance
4-4 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Inspection — Exterior. Inspect the outside of the instrument for damage, wear, and
missing parts, using Table 4--1 as a guide. Immediately repair defects that could
cause personal injury or lead to further damage to the instrument.
Table 4- 1: External inspection check list
Item Inspect for Repair action
Cabinet, front panel,
and cover
Cracks, scratches, deformations,
damaged hardware.
Repair or replace defective
Front-panel knobs Missing, damaged, or loose
Repair or replace missing or
defective knobs.
Connectors Broken shells, cracked insulation,
and deformed contacts. Dirt in
Repair or replace defective
modules. Clear or wash out dirt.
Carrying handle, and
cabinet feet.
Correct operation. Repair or replace defective
Accessories Missing items or parts of items,
bent pins, broken or frayed
cables, and damaged connec-
Repair or replace damaged or
missing items, frayed cables, and
defective modules.
The flat panel display must be treated with care during cleaning.
CAUTION. Improper cleaning agents or methods can damage the flat panel
Avoid using abrasive cleaners or commercial glass cleaners to clean the display
Avoid spraying liquids directly on the display surface.
Avoid scrubbing the display with excessive force.
Clean the flat panel display surface by gently rubbing the display with a
clean-room wipe (such as Wypall Medium Duty Wipes, #05701, available from
Kimberly-Clark Corporation).
If the display is very dirty, moisten the wipe with distilled water or a 75%
isopropyl alcohol solution and gently rub the display surface. Avoid using excess
force or you may damage the plastic display surface.
CAUTION. To prevent getting moisture inside the instrument during external
cleaning, use only enough liquid to dampen the cloth or applicator.
Flat Panel Display
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