General Maintenance
WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 4-3
Inspection and Cleaning
Inspection and Cleaning describes how to inspect for dirt and damage. It also
describes how to clean the exterior and interior of the instrument. Inspection and
cleaning are done as preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance, when
done regularly, may prevent instrument malfunction and enhance its reliability.
Preventive maintenance consists of visually inspecting and cleaning the
instrument and using general care when operating it.
How often to do maintenance depends on the severity of the environment in
which the instrument is used. A proper time to perform preventive maintenance
is just before instrument adjustment.
The cabinet helps keep dust out of the instrument and should normally be in
place when operating the instrument.
WARNING. Before performing any procedure that follows, power down the
instrument and disconnect it from line voltage.
Use a dry, low-velocity stream of air to clean the interior of the chassis. Use a
soft-bristle, non-static-producing brush for cleaning around components. If you
must use a liquid for minor interior cleaning, use a 75% isopropyl alcohol
solution with a cotton cloth or swab for hard to reach areas. Use only enough
Clean the exterior surfaces of the chassis with a dry lint-free cloth or a soft-
bristle brush. If any dirt remains, use a cloth or swab dipped in a 75% isopropyl
alcohol solution. Use a swab to clean narrow spaces around controls and
connectors. Do not use abrasive compounds on any part of the chassis.
CAUTION. Avoid the use of chemical cleaning agents which might damage the
plastics used in this instrument. Use only deionized water when cleaning the
menu buttons or front-panel buttons. Use a 75% isopropyl alcohol solution as a
cleaner and rinse with deionized water. Before using any other type of cleaner,
consult your Tektronix Service Center or representative.
General Care
Interior Cleaning
Exterior Cleaning
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