General Maintenance
4-2 WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual
Preventing ESD
Before servicing this product, read the Safety Summary and Introduction at the
front of the manual and the ESD information below.
CAUTION. Static discharge can damage any semiconductor component in this
When performing any service which requires internal access to the instrument,
adhere to the following precautions to avoid damaging internal modules and their
components due to electrostatic discharge (ESD).
1. Minimize handling of static-sensitive circuit boards and components.
2. Transport and store static-sensitive modules in their static protected
containers or on a metal rail. Label any package that contains static-sensitive
3. Discharge the static voltage from your body by wearing a grounded antistatic
wrist strap while handling these modules. Do service of static-sensitive
modules only at a static-free work station.
4. Nothing capable of generating or holding a static charge should be allowed
on the work station surface.
5. Handle circuit boards by the edges when possible.
6. Do not slide the circuit boards over any surface.
7. Avoid handling circuit boards in areas that have a floor or work-surface
covering capable of generating a static charge.
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