WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 3-13
Measure signal,
disregard peaks and dips
Figure 3- 9: Eye vertical scale reference amplitude screen
5. Move the signal from the test oscilloscope to INPUT B.
6. Press the INPUT button and select Input B.
7. Press the EYE button and then touch the Display soft key.
8. Touch the Eye soft key and then touch the Done soft key.
9. Touch the 3Eyesoft key (3Eyeselected).
10. Press the CURSOR button and touch the Voltage soft key (Voltage
11. Position the cursors so that the delta value matches the measured amplitude
of the test signal in step 4. (Adjust the + and -- cursor values to approximate-
ly the same value to vertically center the cursors on screen.)
12. Press the CONFIG button, then touch the Calibration soft key and then the
Next Menu soft key.
13. Touch the Eye Gain Adjust soft key and then the Start Eye Gain
Adjustment soft key.
14. Press the CURSOR button to turn the cursors back on.
15. Use the General Purpose Knob to adjust the eye diagram amplitude to the
cursors. See Figure 3--10.
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