WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 3-11
Instrument Driven Procedures
The following procedures use the WFM700 internal calibration routines to load
calibration constants into non-volatile memory. The routines automatically make
the necessary instrument settings. The user must step through the procedure and
provide the signal sources to complete the routine. See Figure 3--8 for the menu
structure of the calibration routines.
Internal access to the instrument is not required for these procedures.
Touchpanel Calibration
Eye Gain Adjust
SD Jitter Gain Adjust
HD Jitter Gain Adjust
Eye Loop BW Adjust (10 Hz)
Eye Loop BW Adjust (100 Hz)
Eye Loop BW Adjust (1 kHz)
Jitter HPF Adjust
Eye Sig BW Test
These menu select ions appear only
on the WFM700M (WFM700 with a
WFM7M video module)
Figure 3- 8: Calibration routines menu
The calibration routines are found in the configuration menus. Read these
general instructions to familiarize yourself with the location of the menus and
how to start and complete each routine.
a. Perform the procedures in the order presented.
b. Navigate to the calibration routines by pressing the CONFIG button and
then the Calibration soft key.
c. The on-screen provide brief instructions for signal requirements and
setup. Refer to the procedural steps in this section for a description of the
test, signal requirements, and operational hints for using the recom-
mended test equipment.
d. Each routine requires that you either save your new calibration constants,
revert to the previously saved value, or set to default values.
General Instructions
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