WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 3-5
Measure amplitude before
triggering transition
Figure 3- 2: Serial out amplitude adjustment screen
This adjustment calibrates the Standard Definition PIX output amplitude from
the Video Module.
Video Module Types. WFM700A and WFM700M
Requirements. DVG, 525-line color bar signal; test oscilloscope; 75 8coaxial
1. Connect the SD video generator to the Video Module under test using a 75 8
2. Set the SD video generator for a 525-format 100% color bar signal.
3. Select the appropriate WFM700 Video Module (1 or 2) and input (A or B).
4. Press the WFM button.
5. Connect the SD PIX MON output to the 75 8input of the test oscilloscope
using a 75 8cable. Use a 75 8-to-50 8adapter on the input of the test
oscilloscope if necessary.
SD PIX Monitor
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