WFM700 Series Waveform Monitors Service Manual 3-1
This chapter contains information needed to manually adjust the WFM700
Waveform Monitor.
Use the Adjustments to return the WFM700 to conformance with the perfor-
mance specified in the Specifications section of the WFM700 Series Technical
Reference document. These procedures are not required to verify performance.
For performance verification, refer to the Performance Verification section in
this manual.
NOTE. WFM700 firmware version 1.3 or above is required to perform the
procedures in this section. Verify the firmware version and update if needed.
Menu selections in the WFM700 Waveform Monitor differ between firmware
versions. The Adjustments procedures assume you have the latest firmware
version installed in your instrument.
There are no adjustment procedures required for the Option DG Audio module.
Adjustment Interval. You should perform these Adjustment Procedures once a
year or if the instrument fails any of the Performance Tests startingonpage2--9.
Adjustment After Repair. After repairing the instrument, use the Performance
Verification procedures to verify operation. If the instrument fails any of the
procedures, perform the adjustment procedures in this chapter and then repeat the
Performance Verification procedures.
Before doing the adjustments, note the following prerequisites:
HPersonnel — Only trained service technicians should perform these
procedures. Technicians should be familiar with the operation of all test
equipment and the WFM700.
HTwo Video Modules — The adjustment procedures must be performed on
both video modules if two are installed in the WFM700. Complete the entire
performance procedures on one video module at a time.
HAccess to Adjustments — The cabinet and cover must be removed to access
the manual adjustments in this procedure.
HTest Equipment — Table 3--1 lists all test equipment required to perform
the adjustment procedures. The adjustment procedures describe the input
signal characteristics necessary to perform the adjustment. Where external
Before Performing
Adjustment Procedures
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