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HB935 /A
/A : Sensitive for error problems.
/B : With solution for ERROR in the display.
/C : With solution for ERROR in the display and/or
hum or bleep in the headphone.
/D : With electronic solution for ERROR and/or
hum or bleep in the headphone implemented.
- This full-body tanning appliance is equipped with an
electronic power supply. This means that when the
appliance is connected to the mains, the tanning or
relaxing functions are made visible by means of symbols
on the display. The set time is also shown on the display.
During the last minute of the set time, an accoustic
signal sounds.
- The UV lamps only burn in combination with the IR
(relax) lamps. When the UV lamps are on the IR lamps
burn at reduced intensity.
- The IR lamps can also be used separately at full intensity
for a relax session.
- This appliance is equipped with a sound module,
offering a selection of four nature sounds. The user can
also connect an external music appliance to play his/her
own music, either via the loudspeakers or the earphones.
- This tanning appliance has also been fitted with a scent
unit. The scent granules required for this unit can be
ordered as service part (see parts list).
- Because of the brief high starting voltage, the appliance
should be connected to a circuit protected with a 16A fuse.
- HPA lamps only go on at a restart if they have cooled down
- Never touch the HPA lamps with your fingers. If necessary,
clean the lamps with a cloth moistened with some alcohol.
- When a new HPA lamp is installed, this lamp may have
a different colour compared to the other lamp. This is
normal and will disappear after a short period of use.
- After repair, the glass filters should be free from fingerprints.
If necessary clean the filters with some alcohol.
- Never look directly into the light of an HPA lamp when it
is on without protective goggles.
- Insufficient cooling – for instance when the vents are
blocked or when the fan has broken down – will cause the
thermal safety cut-out to switch the appliance off. Once the
cause of overheating has been removed and the appliance
has cooled down sufficiently, it will switch automatically on
- Let the appliance cool down for 15 minutes before folding
it back into transport position and storing it.
- Only move the appliance when it is in transport position,
i.e. when it is folded.
- If there are complaints about inadequate tanning, the
output of the lamps can be measured with a UV-X 36
meter. For the minimum values, see table under ‘Technical
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