1a Locate box on interior of building within 50 tubing feet
of the door to be controlled. Box must be in a clean,
dry, well ventilated place where temperatures do
not exceed 120°F or fall below 35°F.
1b Mount box to a structurally sound surface using
on left side as shown. Do not mount box upside
down or on a horizontal plane.
1c Refer to instructions packed with actuators and
connect leads to terminals 8, 9, and 10 as required.
1d Connect unpowered 120V AC input to terminals 3,
4, and ground screw. (Line side to terminal 3, neutral
side to terminal 4 and ground wire to ground screw.)
remove shunt from terminals 1 and 2 and connect to
1 and 2 are in series with line side of 120V input.
1e 
one cycle when power is applied.
1f Air pressure output has been preset at factory. If more
air pressure is required to adequately open door,
regulate air adjustment valve on pump, as shown on
page 3.
1g Adjust time delay to keep air valve energized by
turning adjustment wheel on timer modules “A” (CW
time can be adjusted from 0-30 seconds. 10 seconds
is a “normal” delay.
LNOTICE: Timer Module “A” must operate longer than
Timer Module “P”.
1h Adjust timer module “P” to keep compressor activated
for the necessary amount of time to open the door.
on the timer module indicates the compressor is
1-3 seconds longer than the time required to open the
1i 
For closer information see closer installation instruction sheet
Control Box
Installation Instructions
Typical Electric & Air Supply Hook Up
120V AC
12V DC to
Regulated Air From
Control Box to
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