3 Install mounting bracket into frame.
3a Attach mounting bracket temporarily.
Install two middle screws into slots and partially tighten.
Partially tighten
Pull wires
Actual Size
Reinforced Metal Sheet Metal
3b Slide magnet onto bracket.
3c Align magnet to armature.
a. Close door.
b. Press magnet to fully engage with armature.
c. Mark bracket location.
Mark here
Press magnet to armature
3d Verify that DE plunger aligns with screw head on armature.
Do not loosen the armature bolt in an attempt to adjust
activation of plunger switch. Only re-adjust the mounting
Backing off the bolt after tightening will loosen the thread-
locking patch, which may allow the bolt to loosen over time.
Verify DE plunger switch is activated
when door is closed. Re-adjust position
of mounting bracket to achieve proper
switch activation if necessary.
3e Fully attach bracket.
a. Remove magnet from bracket.
b. Check bracket alignment with marks.
c. Fully tighten two screws in slotted holes.
d. Drill four (4) remaining holes.
e. Fully tighten all screws.
All four screws MUST be installed for proper
operation and safety!
If you do not have enough room to securely
angle brackets to properly mount the magnet.
Failure to properly install the screws may lead to
injury or property damage.
Contact customer service at 1-877-671-7011.
Fully tighten all screws
Use 10-24 tap if metal
Drill four (4) holes
Check alignment
Actual Size
Reinforced Metal Sheet Metal
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