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Indicator Table
Condition LED Indicator Audible Alarm Relay State
Standard Features
Lock Secure Off Off Open
Authorized Release Input Steady Green Off Open
During Nuisance Delay Steady Red Off (Default)
Set by SW2-3
During Fire Alarm Steady Green Off Closed
During Delayed Egress Flashing Red Beeping Closed
After Delayed Egress Steady Green Steady Tone Closed
Switch Selectable Features
SW2-7 "ON" = Unlock Alert whenever lock is unlocked Steady Green Steady Tone Open
SW2-3 "ON" = Horn will sound during nuisance alert Steady Red Steady Tone Open
Optional Switch Selectable Features - Plus Model Required
Door Propped Open Alarm Flashing Green Beeping Closed
Door Forced Open Alarm Flashing Red Steady Tone Closed
Door Forced Open Alarm followed by Delayed Egress Input Steady Green + Flashing Red Steady Tone Closed
Condition LED Indicator
Lock has power but won’t lock. LED (on lock) is Green. Fire alarm not connected or open connection. SW4-7 not ON (set switch, remove and
re-apply power).
Won’t go into delayed egress. Check dipswitch settings
Armature washers not installed properly
Magnet not properly aligned with armature.
Goes into delayed egress upon powerup. Armature washers not installed properly
Improper gap between magnet and armature
Lock can be pushed open with minimal resistance. Magnet/Armature/washers not installed properly
Lock “hums” or vibrates noisily when energized. Magnet/Armature/washers not installed properly
 Relock delay set to 0 sec.
Keypad not initialized
MBS doesn’t change state when locked. Low voltage. Mechanical misalignment. Debris between lock and armature. Armature/
magnet not installed properly
DPS option not working properly. Armature holder not aligned with DPS switch.
Switch not plugged into correct jack
BOCA Operational Description
LBOCA Option is Applicable in United States Jurisdictions Only
a. Lock the door and start the release process by pushing on the actuating bar (or door if no actuating bar provided) for at least 1 second.
The door will release within 15 seconds.
b. The door will not relock until the door has been opened, and returned to the closed position for not less than 30 seconds. Any reopening
of the door during this time will restart the 30 second relocking cycle.
c. 
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